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Hi friends,We in the United States give generously to help children and girls overseas. We really do believe what you’ll read below does not happen here, in our own backyard. Here is the story:Cartels have moved from drugs, a one-time sale, to girls (the younger the better) who can be sold over and over for years. When these girls are discovered there is no place to take them. They aren’t criminals so they can’t be placed in Juvenile Hall, they can’t be placed in foster homes because no one will take them – the risk to other children is too great. These girls are victims but the existing solutions are totally inadequate to help them in the United States – with the exception of Atlanta, Georgia.In my research I have found key people in the United States who are attempting to work on the solution. However, Atlanta is the only city that has a comprehensive solution When a child is found, a beautiful web of services is wrapped around them. The rehabilitation solutions for these children involve the courts, medical and social services, education, and a private area with safe houses in a peaceful setting.Atlanta has given us complete access to film the judges, prosecutors, doctors, teachers, and creators of the Atlanta program to show the compelling process it takes to help these children. While Atlanta is helping the children, Kansas City is working with women who were once like these girls and were tossed out of their “home” because they got too old or their earning power diminished Veronica’s Voice goes out into the night and lets these women know there is help. What they do for these women is mesmerizing and we’ll be filming it. I’ve been there, I’ve eaten with these women, and I’ve fallen in love with them. Kansas City and Veronica’s voice is also giving us access to film resilient suvivors and women who are giving their all to help the victims out on the street.There is a solid solution and we want to film it to share with cities all over the nation. We are a 501(c)(3) film company and will be gifting this film to anyone who can use it to educate people to help these girls and move toward stopping demand. Currently we see only the problem on television. We are filming the solution! We want to BE a catalyst for change. To be clear, this film wasn’t our idea – women of the FBI and law enforcement have asked for this film to be made to train law enforcement and social services – they are asking usfor help.We have talented, Emmy and Grammy award winning producers and directors and incredibly talented videographers working on our film. Please view our credentials and our film trailer at

Will you be part of our solution? You will literally be part of a project that will give solutions to cities all over the country and educate law enforcement and social services who often think these little girls volunteer to prostitute themselves. We want law enforcement to be able to take these girls to a safe place where healing and rehabilitation begins right away. There are two ways for to help: get me in front of a group of people so I can tell our story and ask them for help and/or give a tax deductible donation for our film. Again, we are 501(c)(3) and you can donate simply by clicking this link The juvenile judges in Atlanta tell us how important support is and we agree. We need you.Thank you for reading this. My promise to you is that we will keep you updated on our progress. I’ll be blogging on the stories that bring us to tears or make us cheer, and will give you heads up on what is coming next. You’ll be part of our community and you’ll know the difference we have made – together.
Love, blessings and thank you,

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