Hope Road Film Crew

Little Wolf Productions is a non-profit film production company that focuses on the outstanding service works of people who provide life changing experiences for others.

Our current project is Hope Road, a film focused on the rehabilitative solutions surrounding young girls who have been sex trafficked. Currently there are very few places that offer a solution to young girls who have been trafficked. Our film focuses on the “how to” aspect of the areas in the United States that have a solution in place. This film shows the faces of survivors and their resiliency. We’ll show you what they are doing now, how they are helping others, and the purpose in their life. You can view our trailer here:

Hope Road Trailer

The primary goal of Little Wolf Productions is to partner with selfless volunteers to educate and assist in spreading awareness of dehumanizing problems people in the world may face, and to show that there are programs to solve them. It is our hope that we can assist these volunteers who are dedicating their lives for the important work that they do.

Little Wolf Productions is about serving others.

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